Darkei Avos is an exciting new initiative to get girls involved in Pirkei Avos learning

The learning of Pirkei Avos by heart taps into the subconscious mind and takes us back to a time when all Torah was learned without books. We aim to impart the ageless wisdom of our Avos in a real and meaningful way.

Our programme was designed to resonate with the girls of today; interactive learning guides, incentives and prizes all fuel the fire of learning.

The founder of Darkei Avos, Esther Reich, first experienced the power of learning Pirkei Avos when, as a young teen, her school in Switzerland launched a one-off competition to learn Pirkei Avos by heart. Esther’s determination saw her win the competition, but more than winning, she was inspired.

The impact of the knowledge gained through learning Pirkei Avos has affected Esther in every area and stage of her life as a successful wife, mother and businesswoman. She credits the teachings of Pirkei Avos with giving her stability in today's turbulent times and has set out to share her passion and to help guide other girls to develop their spiritual core and become the best version of themselves.

Seeing that Pirkei Avos is the one tractate of Mishnayos that a girl is encouraged to learn, we wanted to give girls the unique opportunity to learn it in-depth. Mishnah and Neshamah contain the same letters, because our soul absorbs the teachings of Pirkei Avos through osmosis, and these teachings protect our soul from the spiritual contamination surrounding us.

The importance of supporting the spiritual health of our youngsters has never been greater. Be a part of it - we need your support! Let’s raise a great generation and give them the tools to succeed.

Our fundraising efforts are to benefit our local girls’ schools, as well as raising funds for Hachnasas Kallah. One of the lessons Pirkei Avos imparts to us is that Torah study alone does not suffice but must lead to the actual performance of Mitzvos. Raising funds for our local schools as well as for Hachnasas Kallah, which our Chazal teach is one of the highest forms of Tzedakah giving, will reinforce this all important message.